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Digital Marketing Consulting Areas Of Expertise

  • Digital Marketing Strategies

    Digital Marketing

    Increase conversions & build brand loyalty
  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine

    Boost organic traffic & achieve greater visibility
  • Social & Paid Media

    Social & Paid

    Generate better brand awareness, engagement & revenue
  • Team Selection & Management

    Team Selection &

    Manage & execute projects to deliver results on time

Digital Marketing Consulting Track Record

business growth consulting
  • Founded a mid-size global digital agency. Grew it organically to over 250 team members within 12 years. Sold it to a global IT company.  
  • Consulted & created team structures and workflows to execute work for start ups to Fortune 500 companies to drive digital growth.
  • Created sales tactics to increase incoming leads and closures while streamlining production to decrease overhead spend.

How To Choose The Right Digital Marketing Channels

5 Questions To Help You Develop A Digital Marketing Strategy

1. What am I trying to achieve with digital marketing?

Digital marketing helps you optimize your customer journeys to conversion, both directly and indirectly impacting your revenue. Your digital marketing strategy should be based on the historical performance analysis to identify weaknesses, bottlenecks and opportunities. Analyze every digital channel to understand your audience’s behavior and identify the best methods to approach them. Create customer profiles and a content strategy based on customer lifecycle. Map out the customer journey and make sure you have a clear path to conversion.

2. Which resources should I invest in?

Evaluate your resources in terms of in-house expertise and budget to determine the initial scope of your digital marketing efforts. Identify the underperforming strategies or channels, and what you can optimize with the existing resources.

Aside from specialists, you might need to invest in new tools and platforms such as SEO, content mining, email and social media marketing automation, CRM, site analysis and analytics, paid search and social, and more.

3. Which digital marketing tactics, channels or campaigns can help me achieve my goals?

Each digital marketing campaign should support a specific stage of your sales pipeline and customer journey.

Identify the key digital touchpoints and design campaigns to funnel your leads into or through your sales pipeline. For example, social media video ads are great for awareness, while retargeting campaigns are highly effective in boosting conversions.

4. Which efforts can I streamline and automate?

Streamlined processes and automation can help you create sustainable strategies that require minimum time, effort and monetary investment.

You can automate a number of processes including emailing, reporting, invoicing, social media posting, customer support messaging, SEO health checks and more. Just make sure you use the right tools, and as a bonus tip, focus on personalization so your customers don’t feel like they are interacting with a robot.

5. How do I measure the success of my digital marketing strategy?

Very few digital customer journeys are linear and easy to track. Some customer journeys count hundreds of touchpoints before purchase, making it impossible and incorrect to evaluate digital marketing success based on revenue alone. Your success metrics should be tied to your micro conversion points instead.

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Over 100 appearances in mainstream media discussing the latest digital trends & providing business growth tips.

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