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Why Build A Custom ERP Solution?

Custom vs. Off-The-Shelf

Greater Flexibility

A custom ERP solution is yours to design, build, integrate and scale according to your organizations’ needs. This gives businesses control over their investment in the long-term, and it gives them complete control over the future of this software.

Greater Flexibility

Custom Fit

Every organization is unique. Rather than altering processes to fit the off-the-shelf software product, an increasing number of businesses is choosing to develop solutions to their particular pain points and bottle necks, as well as the tools that will help them realize their business potential.

Custom Fit

Long-Term Payoff

While it requires a sizable one-time investment, custom ERP software has no licensing fees. With its features tailored to optimize your organization’s productivity, this solution not only offers bigger value than off-the-shelf products, it results in long-term savings as well.

Long-Term Payoff

100% Ownership

Brand, build, integrate, evolve and even convert into a commercial product – companies that develop their own ERP solution open new opportunities within and outside their organization.

100% Ownership

Custom ERP Solution Development Process

Carefully Planned From Start To Finish

Custom ERP Solution Features

From mobile functionality to intelligent analytics, building your own ERP solution allows you add the functionality your organization needs for smarter, more agile administration, management and decision making.

To develop deeper insights and increase your teams’ agility, your ERP solution can include:


    based on deep data & AI

    deployed to select users across devices

    to send, retrieve & manage data on the go

Other strategic integrations and features can help you increase efficiency, automate workflows and futureproof your solution. Some of them include:



    tools to facilitate creativity, branding & more

    to facilitate collaboration & more

Updating Existing ERP Solutions

How We Approach System Upgrades & Revamps


Our experts analyze your existing software, focusing on technology, as well as your organizational structure and processes. This allows them identify the weaknesses and opportunities within the current system.

Defining The Scope

We work together with your leaders to define the scope of the upgrade, including technical changes, changes in workflows, functionality, as well as project timelines.


Depending on the scope of the project, we plan how to migrate the existing databases and ensure that your data and staff transition smoothly to the upgraded system.

Development & Testing

Our teams implement the changes. We then test the new workflows and features extensively before release to ensure the old and the new elements work together seamlessly.

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Ready To Discuss Your Project?

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